Q&A with Looksmart Stylist, Mona.
Q&A with Looksmart Stylist, Mona.

Looksmart have launched two new personal styling services with their owner and stylist, Mona. We spoke with Mona to learn more about herself and these new services, read below. 

How long have you been a tailor/stylist?
I started my journey as a stylist in fashion design and have been in the fashion industry for over 25 years. In addition, I have also been trained as a stylist and image consultant through AICI- one of the best international image consultant associations in the industry.

How long you have been store owner at Looksmart?
I have been with Looksmart for over 17 years, where I have managed our Garden City store for 6 years and owned my own branch here in Gateways for 12 years. Throughout these years I have trained many tailors, some of whom now own their own businesses within our group or as individuals.

What do you specialise in, what is your strength?
I am a perfectionist and have a very good eye for detail. With my combined knowledge for line and design, style, colour and tailoring I believe I have the perfect combination to help my clients feel their best.

Tell us about the new services- Body analysis and Colour analysis- what are they and how do they benefit customers?
First up, Body analysis. 

Did you know Australians only wear 30% of their wardrobe? Here at Looksmart, we specialise in assessing individual body types and finding the perfect fit for each body shape. This is the perfect exercise to empower and educate people on the types of garments that best suit their body shape. The customer will learn how to invest in building the right wardrobe to enhance their look, whilst saving money.

Now the Colour analysis. 

Ever wanted to find out what colour of clothing and makeup suits you? Now is your chance! With Looksmart we can help you find your right harmonious colours, undertone and the right shades to enhance your natural beauty, to look and feel vibrant every day. We will take you through a comprehensive session lasting 60-90 minutes, leaving you feeling confident and empowered.

To book your session, stop by Looksmart located near Big W or call (08) 9414 3699. 

P.S We are giving away 3 x Colour analysis sessions and 3 x Body consultation analysis over the next three weeks. Stayed tuned to our Facebook and Instagram page.