Jungle Fever: The Perfect Cat-Eye
Jungle Fever: The Perfect Cat-Eye

We are 99.9% sure that a large portion of gals out there struggle to perfect the liquid liner cat-eye. Speaking from experience, it ends in tears, frustration and a red face! 

As we are obsessed with all things Jungle at the moment (due to our July School Holiday Activity, click here for info) we spoke with Napoleon Perdis on tips to achieve a flawless cat-eye. (If you’re wondering how this links to the Jungle theme.. leopards, cheetahs, lions, all those fierce big cats have a piercing stare and natural eyeliner…is makes sense right..?).

Kirsten, a Napoleon Perdis make-up artist gave us the following tips:

First up, Kirsten recommends the Napoleon Neo Noir Liquid Liner ($32). It’s felt-tip liner, so it will feel like a texter in your hand and will help you be steady and have control over your liner.

If you need some extra guidance, map out your wing with black eyeshadow (such as the NP Queen of the Night Colour Disc $29) before tracing over with liquid.

Secondly, to get your cat-eye as sharp as possible, Kirsten recommends dipping a thin angle brush into make-up remover and running it along the wing to clean it up and have precision. If you don’t have an angled brush, grab a make-up wipe and use the tip of your nail under the wipe to carve out the shape you want.

Finally, if you want a fabulous and dramatic look, apply fake lashes like the NP Geranium lashes ($22) to really emphasis that wing. If you want a more subtle look but still love a good lash situation, consider individual lashes (Pansy $22 are the perfect natural lashes) to place on the outer edge of your eye.

And…voila! You have achieved the perfect cat-eye. 

Stay tuned for more Jungle-themed fashion and beauty available at Cockburn Gateway.