Christmas Gift Wrapping
Christmas Gift Wrapping

Customers, for a gold coin donation you can have your gifts wrapped by our Breast Cancer Care WA and Salvation Army volunteers.

Breast Cancer Care WA will be wrapping at a table near Target from Tuesday 28th November and Salvation Army will start wrapping near the Information Desk from Monday 11th December.

Times as follows:

Tuesday 28th November          10am – 2pm

Wednesday 29th November     11am – 2pm

Thursday 30th November         11am – 3pm

Friday 1st December                11am – 3pm

Saturday 2nd December          10am – 3pm

Sunday 3rd December             11am – 3pm

Monday 4th December             11am – 3pm

Tuesday 5th December            11am – 3pm

Wednesday 6th December       11am – 3pm

Thursday 7th December           11am – 7pm

Friday 8th December                11am – 3pm

Saturday 9th December            11am – 3pm

Sunday 10th December            11am – 2pm

Monday 11th December            11am – 4:30pm

Tuesday 12th December           11am – 4:30pm

Wednesday 13th December      11am – 4:30pm

Thursday 14th December          11am – 8pm 

Friday 15th December               11am – 4:30pm

Saturday 16th December           11am – 4:30pm

Sunday 17th December              11am – 4pm

Monday 18th December             10am – 5pm

Tuesday 19th December            10am – 5pm

Wednesday 20th December       10am – 5pm

Thursday 21st December           10am – 8pm

Friday 22nd December               10am – 5:30pm

Saturday 23rd December           10am – 5:30pm

Sunday 24th December             10am – 5:30pm